Plattenwärmetauscher SWEP, B26Hx60/1P-SC-M 12.8+22U+2x1"


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Product number: 47-32KT-B26HX60
Manufacturer number: B26Hx60/1P-SC-M
Weight: 8.9 kg

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Product information "Plattenwärmetauscher SWEP, B26Hx60/1P-SC-M 12.8+22U+2x1""
B26Hx60/1P-SC-M; Plattenwärmetauscher SWEP, B26Hx60/1P-SC-M, 12,8+22U+2x1", Größe: 26, Anzahl der Platten: 60
Swep international (autonomous operating company of dover corporation) is a global, swedish technology company (founded in landskrona in 1983), is one of the market leaders in the field of heat transfer solutions in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating technology, industry and district heating. nowadays, swep has offices in more than 50 countries and own sales representatives in more than 20 countries. the innovative company produces its product range in 6 most modern production sites in sweden, switzerland, the usa, malaysia, slovakia and china. creative development work over decades, leading know-how and dedicated employees make swep the provider of the world's most successful product range. the soldered plate heat exchangers (bphes) can be used as evaporators, condensers, economizers and single-phase heat exchanger. the soldered compact heat exchanger (bphe) is a product that can be transferred from a medium to another efficient way from a medium to another. a bphe consists of a number of embossed plates arranged so that complex channels form in which a warm and a cold medium can flow. swep main features are: compact size, low filling volume, minimization of material insert (no seals required). swep plate heat exchanger convince through innovative design, excellent quality, low energy consumption, unsurpassed performance values ??and reliability. all components are of high accuracy, and ensure a long term of the heat exchanger. product range of the swep brand complies with us and european policies and has numerous quality certifications. the construction of the type number of swep plate heat exchangers is as follows:
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