Calculation of Cooling Systems

Calculation of Cooling Systems

Looking back to the past

Understandably, man has had to deal with the subject of cooling since time immemorial, and we are also familiar with the most diverse possibilities of cooling. The first known descriptions of refrigeration date back to 1834, when Jacob Perkins wrote about a cold steam engine with a closed circuit and ethyl ether. About 40 years later (1876), ammonia was used for the first time as a refrigerant in a cold steam engine with piston compressor by Carl Linde. In 1910, the first household refrigerators were created and in 1930, certain refrigerants were developed.

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The reasons for the demand for "Cold" originally came from the area of food supply. After the First World War, the demand became much greater and other areas such as large refrigeration (Industry), small refrigeration (Commerce) and refrigerators (Household) were developed. In air-conditioning technology, summertime cooling energy is needed to cool and dehumidify the air. The use of refrigeration technology is a significant factor for our well-being at workplaces and at home as a whole.

Today's Refrigeration Technology

Today, in the field of Refrigeration Technology, the compression refrigeration machine is predominantly used to produce the required refrigeration energy and the compression refrigeration process is used for more than 90%. The requirements for the composition and calculation of refrigeration systems are as varied as the refrigeration technology sectors and refrigeration units. Accurate refrigeration is essential for the freshness and quality of your high-quality ingredients and finished products. An exact calculation of the required cooling capacities as well as the use of high-quality components guarantees an error-free and cost-effective refurbishment of the cooling system. Through many years of experience in the field of refrigeration systems and refrigeration technology, we offer professional and comprehensive information. Our competent and creative team will work out a customised refrigeration system for you. Let yourself feel flexible and secure with our support, we carefully consider structural peculiarities of your rooms so that you can use your refrigeration system optimally, don't forget to get an overview of our extensive product range in our online shop. For all enquiries regarding the calculation of cooling systems, please contact us directly via the cooling system calculation form or contact us via e-mail. If you still need a Cold Room, please fill in this Form as well.