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Discover our extensive range of high quality Copeland Scroll compressors and accessories in our online shop. Emerson, the renowned multinational corporation, stands out for the premium quality and reliability of its Copeland Scroll compressors. They set standards in efficiency and are in demand worldwide

  • The ZB and ZS series are specially designed for normal cooling applications (-30 to +10°C).
  • The ZBD range offers digital power control for normal cooling applications (-30 to +10°C).
  • For deep-freeze applications (-40 to +7°C), the ZF series with liquid injection and the ZF-KVE series with steam injection are ideal.
  • The ZFD series is specially designed for deep-freeze applications with digital power control (-40 to +7°C).
  • The ZH, ZP, ZR, ZS and ZZ series set new standards with their innovative internal parts (+12.5 to -20°C).
  • Copeland Scroll compressors also score points for their lower weight compared to semi-hermetic compressors - they are up to 50% lighter. This makes them not only easier to handle, but also more efficient in use.

Take this opportunity to take your refrigeration or air conditioning system to the next level. Browse through our selection and find the perfect Copeland Scroll compressor for your specific needs. Don't hesitate to contact us - we'll be happy to help you choose the right model and guide you on the path to more efficient and powerful refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

World-renowned and highly regarded, Copeland Scroll compressors play a critical role in sustainable refrigeration systems and are an investment that pays off with high efficiency, long life and reliability. They are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, from air conditioning and refrigeration to heat pumps.

Copeland compressors: High performance through energy efficiency

Particularly noteworthy is the high energy efficiency of Copeland Scroll compressors, which makes them an outstanding product on the market. This efficiency is made possible by Emerson Climate Technologies' unique radial and axial compliance principle. This principle also ensures an extended service life of the compressors.

In addition, they are equipped with Teflon coated bearings, which minimises the susceptibility to malfunctions. In addition, an integrated non-return valve ensures operation with high smoothness and low vibration, which is remarkable compared to reciprocating compressors.

The average service life of Copeland Scroll compressors is several years. To extend the service life, it is recommended that the compressors are serviced and maintained regularly. By using high quality components and advanced manufacturing technologies, Copeland Scroll compressors are very reliable and durable.

Wide range of compressor models from Copeland Emerson

Our wide range of Copeland Scroll compressors includes various models, such as the renowned ZB and ZS series, designed for normal refrigeration applications, or the special ZF and ZFD series with liquid or vapour injection for deep-freeze applications. For those looking for innovative internal parts, the ZH, ZP, ZR, ZS and ZZ series are the perfect choice. Each of these models has specific advantages and is therefore suitable for different applications.

Our active customer service will be happy to advise you on the right model for your application.

Copeland Scroll compressors play an important role in heat pumps. They are more energy efficient than other compressor types and thus contribute to better heat pump performance. Due to their high efficiency and reliability, Copeland Scroll compressors are the ideal choice for heat pumps that need to produce heat and cold at the same time.

Kaelttechnikshop is your specialist dealer for Copeland Scroll compressors

Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to advise you on the right model for your specific application. We also stock the full range of Copeland Scroll condensing units for a wide variety of applications, from freezers in smaller markets and supermarkets, to petrol station shops and grocery shops, to commercial kitchens and dairy chillers.

Copeland Scroll compressors can be purchased from specialist dealers or online shops such as ours. It is advisable to thoroughly research the different models and their suitability for the intended application before purchasing.

As one of the leading specialist wholesalers of sustainable refrigeration systems, we also offer a wide range of Copeland Scroll compressors and make the data sheets for the various models available for our customers to download from our website. Our expert customer service is always available to help you choose the right model and plan your project.

About Copeland Emerson climate technologies

Copeland is a subsidiary of Emerson Climate Technologies and was originally founded in 1921. It is now part of the American multinational conglomerate Emerson, known for its reliable and highly efficient products. Emerson has over 80 years of experience in introducing innovative technology to the market, including the first semi-hermetic and hermetic compressors in the 1940s and 1950s, to the modern digital and variable speed scroll compressors with variable frequency drives. Copeland Scroll compressors can today be proud to be represented worldwide with more than 80 million units installed, more than any other scroll compressor brand.

Buying a Copeland Scroll compressor is a significant step towards improving the efficiency and performance of your refrigeration or air conditioning system. As a leading specialist wholesaler of sustainable refrigeration systems, we offer a wide range of Copeland Scroll compressors. We look forward to helping you choose the right model and making your projects a success.