Thermostat DANFOSS 077B2021, Copper capillary tube 1200 mm

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Product information "Thermostat DANFOSS 077B2021, Copper capillary tube 1200 mm"
Thermostat Danfoss 077B2021, Copper capillary tube 1200 mm, Pos.cold an -22.7°C, from -30.0°C, Pos. warm an -17.0°C, from -23.0°C, Cold - signal -19.2°C.
Capillary tube: 1200
Manufacturer: Danfoss Secop, Diverse
Number contacts: 4 Contacts
Series: 077B2
Danfoss Secop Nidec
Global group danfoss based in northborg (denmark) was founded in 1933 by cold anchor mads clausen as "danish cooling automatic and apparatus factory". the first product produced expansion valves for refrigeration systems. since 1946, the international company leads today's name danfoss; he is composed of the word denmark and the verb fosters (currents). the well-known product of danfoss was claus' s invention from the 1950s, the thermostatic radiator valve. danfoss companies expanded its product range through the acquisition of other companies. today, danfoss a / s produces a wide variety of heat, cold, air conditioning, drive and control technology as well as industrial automation worldwide. danfoss top products include: lifting piston compressors and scroll compressors, optyma liquefaction kits, thermostats, heat exchangers, cooling points, temperature regulators, pressure regulators, power regulators, cooling water regulators, pressure switches, oil separators, expansion valves, solenoid valves, shut-off valves, check valves, motor valves, sight glasses, filter dryer. danfoss product range convinces with high mechanical strength, compact design, unsurpassed performance and long life. the company led by niels b. christiansen has more than 100 subsidiaries and sales offices, maintains 93 production sites in 25 countries and employs more than 25,000 people worldwide. danfoss today includes the trademarks secop and maneurop, the facilities "mads and ask clausen foundation" (offenbach am main, hesse) and mads clausen institut.the structure of the type number of danfoss compressors is as follows:
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