Condensate pump ASPEN - MAX Hi-Flow, 550 l / h, container - 1,7 l also for gas boiler

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Product information "Condensate pump ASPEN - MAX Hi-Flow, 550 l / h, container - 1,7 l also for gas boiler"
Condensate pump ASPEN - MAX Hi-Flow, 550 l / h, tank - 1.7 l, 285X144X134 mm

Technical data:
Flow rate: 550 L / h max.
Height: 5 m max. (at 55 L / h)
noise: 44 dB
Max. Water temperature: 40 ° C Mains voltage: 230 V
Inlet: 4x 21-27; Outlet: 6 mm & amp; 10 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH): 285x144x134 mm
IP-Value: IP24 (splash water protection)
Built-in spirit level
Several fixing clips
Behalf (1.7 L) easy be removed for efficient cleaning
Ready to use

High efficiency condensate pump is ideal for use with gas water heaters as the material is absolutely robust .

* The Aspen anti-jacking valve is included with all Aspen Mini pumps.

The valve is required if the pressure hose ends lower than the water level in the condensate pan of the air conditioning system.
If the water column in the downpipe breaks down, the vacuum will be created in the pressure line and the pressure, suction and condensate pan will be sucked empty. When the suction line runs empty, a dry start of the condensate pump occurs after the lifting effect. Therein lies the problem, since mini-condensate pumps can run very limited dry.
If you install the anti-siphon valve in the pressure line behind the pump, the pressure line is bellowed. Thus, the vacuum is balanced and the suction line remains filled with water and the pumps will not start dry.
Manufacturer: Aspen
Aspen pumps ltd is an international, british company (founded in 1992, based in hailsham, east sussex), which serves the markets in more than 100 countries (europe, north, central and south america, africa, middle east, australia). aspen pumps ltd is one of the market leaders in the field of reliable condensate pumps and accessories for air conditioning, heating and cold industry. the company invests heavily in research, future-oriented product development and innovation, which causes sustainable and success-oriented company development. to aspen product range: condensate pumps, mini pumps, mini pumps silent +, container pumps, hose pumps, refrigerated furniture pumps, condensing pumps and accessories. high-quality aspen condensate pumps convince with robust, compact construction, high performance, fast installation, easy operation and unsurpassed lifetime values. aspen product range is recognized by the following awards and certifications: trade awards 2012, queen's award 2009, queen's award for innovation, sunday times buyout track award, iso 14001 for environmental management system, iso 9001 for quality management.
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